HIV/STD Testing in Pregnancy

Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Rule 64D-3.042 requires that Emergency Departments (ED) of hospitals licensed under Chapter 395.F.S. refer any woman who has not or is not receiving prenatal care after the 12th week of gestation to the local county health department for HIV/STD testing.

This referral must be made in writing and a copy of the written referral sent to the local county health department having jurisdiction over the area in which the ED is located.
Patient Education is important. Get the facts.

  • HIV and STD testing can SAVE a baby’s LIFE!
  • With treatment, HIV transmission from mother to baby can be less than 2%.
  • Young women are the center of the HIV epidemic.
  • As many as one in every 200 pregnant women is infected with HIV.
  • Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis can affect a baby’s health and life.

Encourage Testing – Early identification is the key to prevention.

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The Expanded Testing Initiative Program offers training, technical assistance, and a variety of resources available to assist Florida hospitals with implementation of rapid testing in the Emergency Department. Visit to request training.